Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two Quick Post-Glen Thoughts

1) If a race has come down to the last round of pitstops (as it appeared to have done today), and how the cars come out of the pits relative to one another, it might be a good idea to see where the cars, you know, actually come out of the pits. Watching the cars exit their pitboxes, get almost down to the pit exit and (with the other direct competitors also on screen, just the other side of the pitwall), then cutting abruptly away to cars that are on the complete opposite side of the track and who are either not vying for position or running along by themselves...maybe not such a good idea. Doing this on consecutive laps, leaving us to wonder for a solid 3-4 minutes who is ahead of who among the cars who have pitted? That is very, very not cool...ABC Sports.

2) Yeah! Big, huge ups to Justin Wilson and the entire Dale Coyne Racing team! As a guy who thought very strongly about buying into Justin's career when he was in F1 (and which I would have done, had I not been flat broke at the time), this was probably the best thing I could imagine happening in today's IndyCar scene. As you can imagine, I'm biased there, but I defy you to find me anybody who's ever said anything bad about the guy, or anybody who was pulling against Coyne, 558 races deep into his IndyCar career without a single win. Just awesome, and I hope that all of the warm fuzzies generated this weekend can last us for several weeks. Hey, we'll probably all be bickering about the downforce levels of the cars again come Kentucky, but a guy can dream, can't he?


David said...

You read my thoughts verbatim on point one. I was yelling at the TV, invoking the ghost of Paul Page, who was busy at the hot dog eating contest, allegedly only broadcasting it. Not good TV. Maybe they can watch some F1 coverage to see how that situation should be covered.
Ditto what you said about Coyne. Of course, I have Wilson in our fantasy league, so I was thrilled on that account, but more objectively, he's a great interview and somebody you want to root for. Good for Dale! It was, like he said, too long in coming. Years ago, he paired with my all-time hero Walter Payton in co-owning the team. Spare a thought for him while we also celebrate for Coyne.
Good entries, Speedgeek. They'd be even better if they came out more often . . .

Patrick said...

I thought about putting some money into Wilson's career. I'd be intrigued to know how much those who did made or lost on the deal too.

Great to see him win for Coyne - I've always thought he never got a fair crack of the whip in F1.