Friday, May 26, 2006

500 Weekend

Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year again. I know, it's supposedly less wonderful since 1995, but I only know of the 500 firsthand since '96, the first year I had a chance to go. Judging from what all the "old timers" say it must have been unbelievable back in the day, 'cause it's pretty damn cool now. Reducing attendance and car counts (which could/should both be helped by reunification) or not, Speedway, Indiana is the place to be on Memorial Day weekend. I'm not listening, NASCAR fans.

The short of it is that a red and white car will win this year. Nobody else is within 2 miles an hour of pole speed. Kanaan and Meira (and maybe Rice, Franchitti, Herta, or an Andretti) may be near race pace, but short of a four-car pileup in turn 1, either Ganassi or Penske get their win. I just hope that Heeeeelio, Sam, Dan (not Danica) and Scooter can battle amongst each other to make it a good race. My money is on Helio. Or it would be if I knew of a good sports book in Detroit. Note to self: check out tonight.

Other racing thoughts: Monaco should be fun, if processional during the race. Qualifying should be a classic. Too many cars going for a time in too short of a session on a track with no runoff at all equals fun for the whole family.
Coke 600? Who cares. Not me, anyway. Since Daytona, I've watched a sum total of about 20 minutes of NASCAR coverage, and that was just to see what it looked like in high def. For the record, it looks great. Except that it's still NASCAR, so I couldn't be paid to care. Who's feuding this week? Boring.

Enjoy your weekend, y'all. And look for me and Ms. Speedgeek in Turn 1. I'll be the one holding the "Robin Miller for IRL Comissioner" sign.

Friday, May 12, 2006

One quick note before the weekend:

No way Paul Tracy signs a 5 year deal for Forsythe and isn't in on some info about reunification. Would he really be happy running for 5 more years against Newman-Haas, Rusport and the ChampCar pu-pu platter? Please.