Friday, March 02, 2007

Crazy Day

Hey, all. Quickie post here before the weekend with a couple of links to check out. It's well documented, and any regular reader of mine (all three of you) will know, that my two favorite writers on the 'net are Robin Miller and Bill Simmons (Chuck Klosterman is more of a print guy that happens to appear online from time to time). Well, it appears that they both chose today to call out people in their regular columns: Miller viciously takes every previous employer not named Speed Channel to task for firing him and Simmons positively lambastes Scoop Jackson for claiming that NBA All-Star Weekend in Vegas was less violent and out-of-control than some media folks made it out to be. I don't have a whole lot more to say about it, other than both these columns make pretty interesting reading (especially Miller's, who basically confirms just about every notion I've had about the open-wheel racing media since the late-'90s).

Enjoy your weekend, everybody, and wish me luck.