Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Just had a delightful experience that I thought I'd share with everybody. As some might know, I'm currently unemployed (well, except for my ridiculously lucrative side business of race-blogging), and so I have a bit of latitude as to how I spend my mid-days. Today, I decided to run out and grab some lunch at Jimmy John's (mmm...love me some Beach Club), and I returned home to our hotel room to watch the ChampCar race from Mont Tremblant that I taped on Sunday, so that I could watch the French Grand Prix tape-delayed on Fox (can't wait to get DVR capability back). Only, when I switched on the TV, what was already on ESPN was far too compelling to turn off. I just happened, by dumb luck, to tune in for a re-run of the 2006 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Mmmm...that's some good lunchtime watching. Especially when, much to my delight, the main play-by-play commentator is one of my all-time personal favorite racing commentators...Paul Page. Oh, wow. The only thing that the contest lacked was Jack Arute attempting to interview the contestants during the competetion, only succeeding in annoying everybody in sight, and doing his annual expose on the wooden dowel rod that race teams use to smack the fueller in the back to do late race timed pitstops, only it's for...maybe cramming hot dogs down your gullet.

Anyway, it was a life changing event to watch Page announce


Takeru Kobayashi reset his world record with a winning count of 53 3/4 hot dogs, and nearly chucking up about a dozen of them with 30 seconds to go.


Maybe it's just the Page-related schadenfreude talking, but suddenly, my turkey, sprouts and guac ain't sittin' too well.