Sunday, February 18, 2007

As I've been saying would happen for two years now, a Green-White-Checker finish managed to tear up a couple million dollars worth of equipment. It's a friggin' miracle that nobody got killed today, and NASCAR needs to change the end-race policy before someone winds up in court or dead. The most shocking thing I saw from the whole situation was from Clint Bowyer's in-car camera: he never lifted off the throttle, even as Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth were wrecking directly in front of him (and even as he pushed David Ragan into the middle of the wreck). Hey, nothing's out of bounds at the end of the Daytona 500, even if you're doing extremely dumb things to try to finish third.

Oh, and a full season of "Kevin Harvick, Daytona 500 winner" is going to be just delightful. One of the biggest egos in NASCAR, and now he's leading the points and winner of the season's biggest race. Great.

One last thing before I sign off for the day: is it just me, or are the new Chevy commercials for the Impala Car of Tomorrow incredibly racist? Hey, check it out, we're racing the Impala! Attention, Black Folks! See? We're cool!

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Pablo said...

Welcome back! I was wondering when you were going to chime in with all the "scandal" before the Daytona!

Managed to catch the last laps on YouTube before the video got pulled. Didn't see Clint's camera - but I guess it doesn't surprise me!