Sunday, February 18, 2007

New complaint, and it involves the aforementioned Mr. Boogity Waltrip. Someone has to make him stop yakking about how awesome Toyota is during the Fox telecasts. He opened up the Bud Shootout (nee Busch Clash, possibly someday to be the Tequiza Tangle or Michelob Melee, according to my friend Rick) by saying that the story of the year is how hard the Toyota teams have worked, and that it's huge, great news to have such an awesome manufacturer coming into the sport. Today, while the booth guys were talking about Toyota making their first Cup start, he makes the non-sequiter of "Yeah, and the Camrys are all made right here in the USA!" Really? Thanks! I'm a little hazy, but I think I remember Darrell doing commercials the last two years for somebody...a car and truck manufacturer, maybe. They might have been Japanese? Can anyone help me remember, maybe?

I dunno, call me sensitive, but it really, really bothers me to have a supposedly impartial color commentary guy openly shilling for a company that he's a very public spokesman for during telecasts. Somehow, it just seems more subversive than the race breaks so that we can "see how the entire Coca Cola racing family is faring today!"

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