Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank you, Trackside!

I've gotta get in a huge, huge "Thank You" today to Kevin Lee and Curt Cavin and the Trackside crew on Indy's 1070 AM "The Fan". They very graciously hosted a group of racing's best bloggers (and allowed me in there as well) on last night's radio show, which is also available via podcast. You can either get the show through iTunes (as I do; please subscribe, as it helps their case as a viable ongoing concern and will help ensure that we get more Curt and Kevin in 2009), or you can download it in MP3 format, right through their website.

Big, big ups as well to the fellas who made the show: Pressdog (or Bill, as his friends know him; I wouldn't know, though), Jeff from My Name is IRL, Steve from Motor Racing Online, and James from 16th and Georgetown. I'm just thrilled to share a venue with all of you, even though my word butchery now extends into the multi-media arena.

Minus side: I missed a couple of words of one question that Kevin Lee asked me, and I made it sound like there is a large, impending backlash against those bloggers out there that remember to post more than once a week (namely, 'Dog and Jeff). That backlash might or might not be coming, but I can assure you that I'm not leading the charge. Too lazy.

Plus side: I then proceeded to undermine any points that I might have made or any possible threats against the above mentioned bloggers by wresting the title away from Kimi Raikkonen for "Most Uses of the Word 'Uh' by Someone Using a Monotone Voice in One Conversation". Great work by me.


Too Much Racing said...

Great job on the show! I just caught up with it.
The 'uh'-ing wasn't as bad as you made out, I know I would be ten times worse. You made a good point about the engines.

Pablo said...

Sweet... can't wait to hear it!

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