Saturday, January 24, 2009

Temporary Relocation

In order to make myself look like I have some sort of actual following or reason for subjecting folks to my bleatings, I'm going to be relocating for the weekend over to The Furious Wedge, whose proprietors have been very kind to invite me to open my virtual mouth and air my virtual grievances in their general vicinity. Over there, we'll be talking all things Daytona 24-related which is a major component to those guys' "24 Hour Blogathon". They'll also be touching on stuff like NHL All-Star weekend, the Aussie Open, the X-Games, maybe some basketball, and definitely some figure skating. So, ture believers, skate on over there and enjoy all that's going on. Should be fun.

Also, The 'Geek has learned what the kids are talking about when they mention The Twitter. I'll be up in the business there, too.

Thanks to all, and enjoy the race!

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